Voltron Therapeutics Begins Animal Testing of Vaccine

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Voltron Therapeutics has announced that they have started their preclinical animal testing of its HaloVax Self-Assembling Vaccine (SAV) against COVID-19. The drug company will be testing two different vaccines in the trials.  This drug, HaloVax, is being developed with Hoth Therapeutics.

The vaccine uses a heat shock protein (HSP70) that activates the cellular portion of our immune system. The other part of the vaccine uses peptides from the COVID-19 virus, which are tied to the heat shock protein. Voltron says this will enable quick iteration and will provide fast information on any changes in the peptide sequences.

Dr. Mark Poznansky, Director, Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center, MGH said, “The heat shock protein that is the immune activating component of our vaccine has shown efficacy in facilitating a productive immune response while minimizing mechanisms known to induce adverse reactions to a vaccine. Our goal is to rapidly develop and test a vaccine that could help the population at large, and especially individuals who are at increased risk for the most serious complications of COVID-19 infection. Preclinical testing begins here and the fact that prior animal testing of our vaccine platform in the context of other infections has been successful increases the probability of success with our new COVID-19 vaccine.”

Pat Gallagher, CEO of Voltron Therapeutics said, “Our team has worked tirelessly to bring HaloVax into preclinical testing, as we continue the development and, potentially, deployment of a vaccine that will not only prevent disease, but will offer safe administration with a strong immune response.” He continued, “We are quite optimistic that given the kind of safety profile we are targeting in the development of HaloVax, that successful preclinical testing will rapidly lead to clinical trials in humans and bring us closer to a proven and effective vaccine to help treat COVID-19 infection.”

This is an ongoing story and we will follow up with any results from the trials.  Be sure to check back often at the ABN Blog for more updates.

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