Seychelles Sees Covid-19 Cases Rise Despite High Vaccination Rate

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Seychelles is a small island nation at the eastern edge of the Somali Sea, consisting of 115 islands and an estimated population of 98,462, or less than 20% of the population of the state of Wyoming here in the United States. This country has, according to records, vaccinated the largest percentage of their population than any other country – over 60%.  Still, the country has begun closing businesses and schools as cases of the virus rise.

Peggy Vidot, the nation’s health minister, said, “Despite of all the exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now, with many daily cases reported last week.” The number of active cases in the nation rose to 1,068 on May 3 from 612 on April 28 – 84% of the cases being from Seychellois. There is no data yet on variants of the coronavirus from the country, however the South Africa variant was found in Seychelles in February.  

The country has been using the Chinese vaccines Sinopharm and Covidshield. Daniel Lucey, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, said A comparison between Sinopharm, Covishield, and unvaccinated infected persons could be done using genetic sequencing and data on the severity of their infections.”  He continued, “Given the widespread international use of these two vaccines there are global implications to what is happening now in the Seychelles.”

Officials at the press conference did not give much information on what could be the cause of the surge.

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