Russian Vaccine 92% Effective in Trial

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According to a late stage trial published recently, the Russian coronavirus vaccine named Sputnik V is 92% effective and deemed safe – offering protection against hospitalization and death.

The vaccine works similarly to the AstraZeneca shot developed in Belgium, using a cold virus engineered to deliver a small amount of the coronavirus to the body, triggering our immune systems into producing antibodies. The shot can be stored at typical refrigerator temperatures making it easy to store.

The Sputnik V differs from the other vaccines in that is uses different versions of the vaccine between its doses.  The working theory is that using two different versions will help boost the immune system in a way that using two of the same shots could not.

Professors Ian Jones and Polly Roy said, “The development of the Sputnik V vaccine has been criticised for unseemly haste, corner cutting, and an absence of transparency.  But the outcome reported here is clear and the scientific principle of vaccination is demonstrated, which means another vaccine can now join the fight to reduce the incidence of Covid-19”.

Dr Julian Tang, a clinical virologist at the University of Leicester said, “Despite the earlier misgivings about the way this Russian Sputnik V vaccine was rolled out more widely – ahead of sufficient Phase 3 trial data – this approach has been justified to some extent now.  Such pandemic-related vaccine rollout compromises have, to be fair, been adopted in the UK vaccination program also – with the extended intervals between the first and second doses.”

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