Review: ABN Green Apple Pre-Workout by Nikki Johnston

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I have been using ABNs Green Apple Pre-Workout powder for over 2 years now, and I will never try another product again. Dealing with anxiety for the last several years, I have become very sensitive to stimulants. Any time I try a new product, even with taking just half the dosage, I end up jittery and having a poor workout-my heart rate increases too much and time between sets is extended outside of the appropriate ranges. Not only that, fillers and low-quality components of said products have my stomach in gastric distress for hours after my workout.

After meeting the owner and product designer, Boris, I decided to give the Green Apple Pre-Workout a try. The first day I took half the dosage and noticed a nice subtle sustained “buzz” throughout my workout which faded out nicely. It was super tasty and dissolved in water very quickly. The following week, I decided to increase the dosage to a full scoop and was pleasantly surprised-great energy boost without triggering my anxiety and no crash at all.

This basic formula is well-balanced with the highest quality ingredients-each listed separately with specified quantities. I’ve never seen another pre-workout with 5g pure creatine monohydrate. I really like that it contains Betaine HCL and cinnamon bark extract- great digestive aids, as well as a generous amino acid profile.

I also take their Omega 3 caps and Forskolin caps, daily. I have been very happy with ABNs product line and highly recommend them to competitors and general weight loss clients alike.

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