Recovered COVID-19 Patients Still Seeing Symptoms

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It has been reported by many who have recovered from Covid-19 still suffer from health complications due to the virus.  Doctors are hearing complaints of pains, lung problems, and even psychological issues. 

Professor Gabriel Izbicki of Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center has told The Times of Israel. “More than half the patients, weeks after testing negative, are still symptomatic.” While professor Izbicki is working on a study that follows up with patients, he says, ““There is very little research about the mid-term effect of coronavirus.”

Eran Schenker, director of the month-old clinic in Bnei Brak  said, “It can appear in the arms, legs, or other places where the virus doesn’t have a direct impact, and if you ask about the pain level on a 1 to 10 scale, can be 10, with people saying they can’t get to sleep,”

Professor IzbickI said that while many of his patients have recovered from the virus, one of the biggest surprises is that it’s impossible to predict which patients will find the disease hard to shake and which ones won’t.  “There is no correlation between seriousness of disease during hospitalization and extent of symptoms afterwards.” He continues, “Within the symptoms that we checked for, we revealed general weakness among the majority of patients alongside shortness of breath, sustained cough, and other complex breathing and pulmonary issues.”

These symptoms are leaving doctors with no answers.  Schenker said, “We check their lung and hearts and they have no disease, and they have no neurological issues. We do scans and can’t see anything, but they have this pain, we’re told about it again and again.” One thing that doctors seem to be sure of however is that this damage does not appear to have been caused directly by the virus. The lung pain and difficulty breathing were brought about by an inflammation process which won’t leave lungs with the capacity to exchange oxygen the same way as before.

Professor Izbicki noted that lung damage can occur in patients of any age and is worried people will not be able to regain full lung performance. “We don’t know if the lung function tests will become normal.”

This is a developing story that we will be following on the ABN blog, please remember to check back for any updates.

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