Green Apple Pre-Workout

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A unique flavor combines with the specially formulated energy blend gives you all the energy you need without a crash, and leaves you with a pleasant taste that’s easy to drink.

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All pre-workout supplements on market today include creatine or some form of it.  Creatine is nitrogenous organic acid and is important to supply energy to all cells in the body, predominantly muscle tissue by increasing formulation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  Creatine occurs naturally in the body, it was first discovered by Michael Chevreul in skeletal muscles in 1832.  It’s well known now, that approximately 93-95% of the creatine in human body are located in skeletal muscles.

Creatine influence on physical performance has been known since the beginning of the 20th century, after study done in Harvard University in 1912 by Otto Folin.  But first noticeable use of creatine as the dietary supplement to increase athletic performance is linked to 100 m gold medalist of Barcelona Olympics in 1992 Mr. Linford Christie, who reportedly used it during his preparation to the Olympics.

Advent of creatine to the market happened in 1993 when EAS (experimental and applied science) introduced the compound under the name Phosphagen.  There are quite a few studies published during the last two decades that clearly shows the benefits of creatine for the anaerobic type of activities such as sprint, weight-lifting and al the sports which would require short high intensity efforts.  Creatine has no significant effect on aerobic endurance.

There was no breakthroughs in pre-workout supplementation since and all pre-workout supplements used now it’s usually combination of creatine monohydrate in difference forms and dosage combined usually with vitamin B complex (mostly B-6 and B-12) with some amino acids are added, also caffeine or other mild stimulant. Some of such pre-workouts on a market do have extreme quantities of each component which potentially might be damaging for health.

Our Green apple pre-workout is not a breakthrough in this category of supplements, but very reliable and well balanced supplementation, this should give some extra energy for anaerobic exercised with no afterward feeling of “low energy” Please enjoy the very distinctive taste of it as well.

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Green Apple

7 reviews for Green Apple Pre-Workout

  1. David A. Johnston

    I recently tried to reduce the amount of stimulants I was taking, as the preworkout market has been flooded with products that are megadosed with caffeine and other stims, often making your heart race so bad, or having such pronounced jitters, that you can’t even get through a full workout. ABN’s preworkout has just enough stimulant effect– not too strong, but also not weak– while tasting and mixing great. A perfect preworkout product for those who are NOT looking to be knocked through the wall with mega-dosed stimulants, allowing for a focused workout with great pumps and stamina.

  2. Alexander Timoshenko – IFBB Pro Judge

    I am very seasoned man and was publishing articles about nutrition supplements in magazines as far back as 2008 ,also my personal experience allows me to assess any supplements almost as an expert. Goal for any pre-workout can be formulated basically as follow: increase effectiveness of exercising,stimulate ability to exercise and intensity of training and help muscle to grow.

    Green apple pre-workout does it all, but in soft manner.softness starts with pleasant taste and not less pleasant after taste. but further it’s more to come! if you wish to have really working supplement,which will help to achieve your set goal in a gym during entire workout,but do not wish to push your body toward maximum exhaustion and push your cardio-vascular system to over the limit, which surely won’t be giving you any healthy benefits, than ABN green apple pre-workout is your helper!

  3. Jess

    Love it! Great taste, no jitters, no after affects.

  4. Alice Friedman

    I have personally tried many pre workouts, and I’ve always had problems with being over-stimulated during my workouts and then crashing hard after. This pre workout taste exactly like green apple, and doesn’t have an unpleasant after-taste either. It definitely makes me more focused and improves my workouts in the gym without making my heart race too fast. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who can be sensitive to heavy stimulants and wants to prevent crashing after.

  5. Duane Brickhouse

    If you are looking for a pre that will energize you for your workout and not cause you to crash later, this is for you. It has a great taste, which is a plus, but more importantly, it works. I am able to take this without feeling some of the tingling that you get from some of the higher stim products that are on the market. This works out perfectly for me when I am working out mid-day and have to return to work and also for my late night workouts.

  6. Howard Battle III

    The Pre-workout is long lasting and it helps get me through the strongman events I compete in

  7. Alysia Cronise, Figure IFBB Pro

    When I started working out and prepping for my next show I wanted to try a good pre-workout, one that didn’t make me feel like i was high on something or make my heart pulsate out of my chest. I love this product because it tastes great and it works. I don’t feel jittery nor do i crash after. I workout hard and I don’t have to stop and take a break after each set. Definitely makes a difference in my workouts and keeps me motivated the entire time.

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