Premium Weight Gainer Vanilla

Unlike a lot of gainers on the market, ours provides most calories not from sugar but from fatty acids.  It also contains a high level of protein.  A clear top quality product necessary for anyone wishing to build muscle mass.


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Our weight gainer is the only product by ABN at this stage which is clearly made for bodybuilders and weight lifters who wish to gain solid and lean body mass fast. The gainer is personal creation of Dr. Rafael Santonja, utilizing his vast personal experience and knowledge.

A vast majority of gainers today are based on huge amount of carbohydrates and in worse cases on pure sugar.  The content of sugar is sometimes extremely high, which can be potentially risky to consume even for young and healthy athletes.

Our gainer unlike a lot of other it’s a unique combination of fat and protein with very low content of carbs and sugar. It might not taste as well as ice-cream, but will really work well to build lean body mass.

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