Pfizer Vaccine Also 95% Effective

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Shortly after Moderna claimed 95% effectiveness with their vaccine trial, Pfizer is now claiming the same level of effectiveness for their own.  So far in their study involving 44,000 participants there have been no significant safety problems and Pfizer says their vaccine protected people of all ages and ethnicities.

Pfizer and their partner now plans to file with the United States FDA.  BioNTech Chief Executive Officer Ugur Sahin said, “ There are almost daily phone calls and document exchange.  I am confident that based on the positive data we have generated today, all authorities — the FDA, the EMA and other regulatory authorities — will really push to get this done as quickly as possible.”

In their trial, 170 patients contracted the virus and eight participants fell ill from the vaccine.  Pfizer says the shot helped prevent severe cases of the disease.  For more updates about Covid-19 Vaccines be sure to check the ABN Blog regularly.

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