Pfizer Vaccine 94% effective in Israel

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According to public health doctor Prof Hagai Levine, the data from Israel’s vaccination program shows the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine is 94% effective at preventing infections. Levine said, “High vaccination coverage of the most susceptible groups” was an important step in the process. 

The latest data looked at Covid-19 testing in 600,000 vaccinated people, and the same in unvaccinated people.  The vaccinated group had 94% fewer infections.  In addition to that, for the positive tests among the vaccine group, the vaccine prevented almost all of the serious symptomatic cases.

Levine says this data “sends a message to other countries such as the UK” about how useful this vaccine is.  Prof Eran Segal from the Israeli Ministry of Health, suggested Israel should vaccinate 80% of its citizens over 60 years of age before learning the true effects of the vaccine on Covid-19 cases. Israel is the first country to really see large results from their vaccination program, but Segal said, “We still have to exit our lockdown very cautiously.”

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