Pfizer Urged to Not Rush Covid-19 Study

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It has come about that over 60 leading researchers have urged Pfizer to wait until late November before they attempt to get FDA authorization of their Covid-19 vaccine. This news is coming on the heels of the announcement that Pfizer’s clinical trial will yield results in October.  The main concern from the researchers is that participants need to be monitored for at least two months after they receive the second dose of the vaccine.  Assuming they are on schedule, that would put the FDA approval decision around late November. 

In a letter sent to the company urging the wait, it says “To be successful, the public needs to have the utmost trust in the vaccine and the science behind it.  Submission of an application for an EUA before this standard is met would severely erode public trust and set back efforts to achieve widespread vaccination.”  They say, “a premature application would prolong the pandemic, with disastrous consequences.”

This recommendation would not make President Trump’s deadline of having the vaccine ready by the November election.  The letter from the researchers did not mention political deadlines, only urged safety.

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