New Respiratory Drug diABZI Shows Promise

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In a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania, it was discovered that the drug diABZI was effective in preventing severe symptoms of Covid-19. The study also says that the drug could be used to treat other respiratory viruses.

Covid-19 targets epithelial cells in our respiratory systems. In the study they found that the virus is able to delay our immune system’s response to pathogens. The researchers theorized that they could use drugs to set off the immune system in these respiratory cells earlier, in order to prevent a severe coronavirus case.

In the study they tested 75 different drugs, among them new drug called diABZI which is not FDA approved. The study found that the drug was able to inhibit different coronavirus strains. They then tested the drug on mice that had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and found that the mice had, “much-reduced viral loads in their lungs and nostrils, and increased cytokine production”.  This means the drug was stimulating protective immunity against the virus.

The study’s findings suggest that the drug could be successful at preventing severe coronavirus cases as well as other respiratory viruses. 

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