Moderna Vaccine Successfully Generates Antibodies In Test

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In all of the patients tested in Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine safety trial, antibodies were successfully produced.  The antibody levels were similar to the levels of patients who have recovered from the virus. 

While this does not prove that the vaccine will be effective, it is considered a crucial step in the process of developing the vaccine.

The side effects were minimal with fatigue, chills, headache, and muscle pain – typical side effects of vaccines.  Some patients experienced a fever.  All of this data is from 45 patients.  Another large final-stage trial of this mRNA vaccine will begin on July 27th.

“The final stage trial will compare the vaccine to placebo shots in 30,000 healthy people at high risk of coming down with the coronavirus.”

Paula Cannon, a professor at Keck School of Medicine from USC, says the vaccine worked in that the antibodies were generated to work against the spike protein. 

This is a developing story so be sure to check back at the ABN blog for more updates.

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