Moderna Vaccine Deemed Effective Before FDA Review

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United States officials have determined the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to be effective at preventing the virus in people aged 18 and older.  This report comes only days before the final FDA decision on Moderna’s emergency use authorization request.

According to the report, the FDA got a much more detailed and in depth look at the numbers associated with Moderna’s vaccine studies than what was released to the public a few weeks ago.  According to their numbers, “It was 86.4% effective in people age 65 and over, according to the report, and 95.6% effective in those 18 to 65. The most common systemic side effects were fatigue and headache.”

Now with Moderna joining Pfizer with a viable vaccine, US officials now estimate 20 million people in the country are expected to be vaccinated by the end of 2020.  Where Pfizer has been cleared and in use in the UK, Moderna has yet to be approved by any other countries, and has not been used by anyone outside of a clinical trial. 

As is the same with Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine does not have much data on transmission.  Researchers and the manufacturers do not know if the shot is effective at preventing people from being infected and not showing symptoms.   This is next in line for their studies as they have begun to test in between doses.  The company said initial data suggests, “some asymptomatic infections start to be prevented after the first dose.”  In addition to this, the National Institutes of Health is discussing a study to examine the effect the vaccines have on asymptomatic transmission.  

As soon as government officials grants the EUA, the CDC will meet and decide how quickly Moderna can begin distributing the vaccine.  Be sure to check back with the ABN Blog regularly for more updates.

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