Moderna Vaccine 95% Effective

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According to Moderna Inc., their Covid-19 trial vaccine is nearly 95% effective in early stage testing of their phase three trial. This news is coming on the heels of Pfizer’s shot was found to be 90% effective in a brief analysis. 

These shots are both based on messenger RNA which has been discussed previously on this blog.  The messenger RNA has never been used in an approved vaccine, so this is a groundbreaking advancement for vaccines and healthcare.

In Moderna’s study they analyzed over 30,000 volunteers.  The shot is said to have prevented “virtually all symptomatic cases” of Covid-19.  Only five participants in the study who received the double dose of the vaccine became ill.  Moderna also said that the vaccine has appeared to be effective at preventing serious infections of the disease.

Moderna Chief Executive Officer Stephane Bancel said, “The thing that got me the most excited today was the severe disease, that for me is a game-changer.”  These results are coming at a time where the US has seen record highs in total cases of the virus.  Moderna is expected to see emergency authorization from the FDA to speed the process along.  They will apply for the emergency authorization based on an analysis of 151 cases expected later this month.

While these results have us looking on the bright side, everyone is still concerned about the distribution of the vaccine.  The shot is a two-dose system and the shots must be stored in cold temperatures a few days before they are used. The two doses of Moderna’s vaccine are given four weeks apart.

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