Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine First Test Result in Humans

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The experimental vaccine from Moderna we touched on in a previous post now has test results from human trials.  It has shown promising early signs that is can help the immune system respond that could fend off the coronavirus.  This data comes from the first human trials and the sample size is small. It’s worth noting that this study focused on the safety of the shot and hasn’t shown warning signs in that regard. Symptoms of the shot were typical with a vaccine such as injection site pain and redness, as well as temporary fever or chills that quickly go away on their own.

Researchers also observed the blood samples from the test subjects.  At two lower dose levels of the vaccine used in the study, antibody levels in the blood after a second booster shot equaled or exceeded antibody levels in patients who have recovered from Covid-19.  Moderna Chief Executive Officer Stephane Bancel said on the matter, “This is a very good sign that we make an antibody that can stop the virus from replicating,”. 

The mRNA (Messenger Ribonucleic acid) technique in the Moderna Vaccine needs the body to the produce its own proteins. Once the vaccine is injected, the RNA goes into human cells and essentially instructs the cells to make virus-like proteins.  For Covid-19, the vaccine is telling the cells to make the “spike” protein we’ve all seen in the renders on the surface of the coronavirus. If the Moderna vaccine works, the body will generate antibodies to protect against that protein. This is new vaccine technology and hasn’t been used in FDA approved vaccines before.

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