Macaque Monkey Covid-19 Vaccine Trial

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Posted to BBC News today, it was announced that six Rhesus Macaque Monkeys tested with positive results to a vaccine for Covid-19.  This vaccine’s trials took place here in the US and involved researchers from NIH and The University of Oxford.  According to the test, the vaccine appeared to protect the monkeys from developing pneumonia.

Researchers say that since the Rhesus Macaque monkeys have similar immune systems to humans, there is hope for the vaccine.  Other vaccine testing on animals have not proven successful thus far, giving us a bit more hope with this one. 

There is no guarantee it would have the same results on humans, and the study has yet to be peer reviewed, but some researchers closely involved are calling it a high-quality study.  This vaccine, like many others, attempts to make a base with the “spike” proteins in Covid-19.  By letting the body get used to this part of the virus, the hopes are that the body will then produce the correct antibodies to fight off the virus.

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