FAT! Part 2

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Recently there was a publication in the Journal of Neuroscience by Finnish Researchers who compared PET scans of human brains after the subjects drank a nutritional drink, and after eating a big slice of tasty pizza. There was an unexpected discovery, obviously the subjects reported much more enjoyment from eating the pizza than a bland nutritional drink, but their brains released more endorphins (the hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure) after drinking the nutritional drink! This led researchers to conclude that the endogenous opioid system (in humans responsible for both feelings of pleasure and sanity while eating) is independent of how pleasurable a food is to eat. The researchers believe that overeating leads to over stimulation of the endogenous opioid system and throws it into dysfunction. Potentially this research can lead to a new treatment of obesity.

So, potentially there is some hope in the future to lose a weight with pills, unlike nowadays where there are not effective fat burners.

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