Dion Friedland Chest Workout

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ABN Athlete, the 75 year old six time World Champion and nine time Mr. Universe, shared with us his chest workout that has helped him stay in such great shape all these years.


Dion Friedland’s Chest workout:

After warming up with 3 sets of either high cable crossovers (flys) using D handles or 3 sets of seated bench press on either Hammer Strength or Technogym equipment depending on the gym I am in, approx. 20 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps while increasing weight.
I will then choose 4 or 5 exercises from the following exercises to do 20 to 22 sets in total after the warm up:

5 sets x 12, high cable crossovers (flys) using D handles increasing weights using the final weight for 3 sets
4/5 sets x 15, lying cable crossovers on 30% incline bench, increasing weights
4 sets x 12, plate loaded Bench press
4 sets x 12, plate loaded incline Bench Press
6/8 sets x 12, Life Fitness seated pec dec
5 sets x 12, leaning forward tricep dips on the tricep machine (for lower pecs), or
4 sets x 12, triceps dips on bars while leaning forward (for lower pecs)

Most sets are done using slow negatives. All sets pyramid up the weights with 3 sets done at the maximum weight. As the weights increase the negatives become faster but emphasis is always on trying to slow the negatives.

Best Regards,
Dion Friedland
6x World Champion; 9x Mr. Universe; 8x Mr. Europe; 5x Serge Nubret Champion; IFBB Grand Prix de France Open Champion; IBFF Mr. International & 4x Mr. Galaxy Champion.

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