COVID-19 Vaccine from Oxford “Stimulates Both Arms of The Immune System”

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The COVID-19 vaccine candidate from Oxford and AstraZeneca have once again shown positive results from their human trials.  As we mentioned before in a previous blog, the vaccine candidate was able to trigger patient’s immune systems antibody production, but the news coming from those working on the vaccine is that they are producing immune T-cells that target the virus. 

Adrian Hill, head of Oxford’s Jenner Institute said, “We are seeing very good immune responses, not just on neutralizing antibodies but of T-cells as well.  We’re stimulating both arms of the immune system.”

This does not necessarily prove the vaccine will be effective, however it is widely considered to be a very good step in the right direction. Hill says, “It gives higher titers of antibodies, which is important going forward.”

One dose of the Oxford vaccine candidate resulted in a four-fold increase in antibodies to the virus’s spike protein in 95% of participants just one month after the injection, and a T-cell response was every participant who got the vaccine.

This is a developing story so be sure to check back at the ABN Blog for updates.

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