Covid-19 Antibody Tests Ramping Up Production

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Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories has designed and implemented an antibody test for Covid-19 labeled ID NOW. ID NOW is a rapid, portable testing instrument used in urgent care clinics, hospital emergency departments, and physicians’ offices.  They have shipped nearly 1.4 million of the ID NOW tests to all 50 states.  The majority of these tests have been sent to outbreak hotspots and they have asked customers to prioritize frontline health care workers and first responders. They are currently manufacturing 50,000 tests per day and plan to increase ID NOW manufacturing capacity to 2 million tests a month by June of 2020. 

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine found Abbott Laboratories’ antibody test had a specificity rate of 99.9% and a sensitivity rate of 100%.

Roche Holding AG

A week ago, The Food and Drug Administration cleared for emergency use an antibody test from diagnostics giant Roche Holding AG which could add significant capacity to efforts to determine the wider spread of Covid-19. With extensive global manufacturing capabilities, Roche says they will be able to deliver high double-digit millions of tests per month. Hospitals and labs can run the test on Roche’s analyzers, which are widely available around the world. Roche has already begun shipping the antibody test to labs globally and will ramp up production capacity into the millions per month.

Roche Holding AG has said its antibody test has a specificity rate of more than 99.8% and sensitivity rate of 100%, and expects to ramp-up production to make more than 100 million tests a month by the end of the year

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