Bench Press Competition in Barcelona

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To bench 100 kg even 1 time is a huge feat for an average man.  At the competition here to get an ABN product it was necessary to bench 100kg (221lbs) 10 times, and folks in Barcelona loved the challenge! Due to a lot of requests we opened the challenge for a few hours on the third day of the Arnold Classic, but the plan was to have it for 2 days only.

Overall we had well over 200 men trying to bench 100kg. It was very interesting to observe different people’s preparations to bench.  One young and skinny boy said, “I never held in my arms such a huge weight, can I try?” I said “sure.” But was sure he would fail and he didn’t bench the weight even 1 time. He looked at me and said “I’ll be back!” and I guess he will next year or the year after.  He’s hooked now on his wish to be a real strong man now!

A few men told me they have benched more than ever before this 100 kg due to the excitement of the competition and crowd around, and they loved to find more strength in them than they thought they had.  Just 2 men who failed short of 10 times did ask me to reward their best efforts with a free product. I refused, responding by another famous phrase by Clint Eastwood from movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, before the final shootout, he said, “it’s a lot of money, you have to earn it”

I like best efforts and trying hard, but in the sport (actually the same as in life) giving effort is great but in the end – only the results matter. But on another hand I had no regrets to give away a lot of my products to anyone who benched 10 times or more. I have been lifting weights for over 40 years now and can attest to whoever benched 100 kg 10 times, earned any of ABN products!

One woman was accusing me of not having lighter weight for female to participate.  I have to admit that I did not have women in mind when I planned this challenge at the booth. But if any woman wished to try, they were surely welcome, but even in my very much personal opinion – heavy weight lifting is not a good activity for a woman.

Overall the bench press challenge was a great success, our booth was live and full of people for most of the convention.

So for ACE 2018 in Barcelona, “I’ll be back!”


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