Antibody Levels in Recovered Patients Drop Rapidly

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The New England Journal of Medicine published new research data on antibodies tested from 34 different patients who had recovered from COVID-19 with only mild symptoms that did not require intensive care treatment.

The researchers found that the levels of the antibodies dropped rather quickly with a half-life of about 73 days between the time frames of collection of 37 days after their symptoms began and the second collection after about 86 days.

The latest popular theory among experts is that protection from reinfection may not last very long with people that showed mild symptoms, which are the majority of those affected.

Another study from King’s College London shows us antibody levels may drop to n undetectable degree as soon as only three months after initial infection.

However, in Sweden, the nation’s top health official said, “People who have had the virus are likely to be immune for at least six months after being infected, whether they’ve developed antibodies or not.”

One thing is for certain here which is agreed upon by all of those studying the levels of antibodies and the “herd immunity” theory – much more research is needed to define a quantitative protection threshold.

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