Antibody Defenses Weaken Over Time

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According to a recent study by Imperial College London, antibody responses to Covid-19 may diminish over time. In the study there were 365,000 randomly selected adults living in the UK who had self-tested for the virus.  4.4% had antibodies back in the month of September, which compares to a 6% rate in June of this year. 

This may mean that antibodies may not linger in the body as long as we previously believed, suggesting immunity to the virus may be finite.

We have now seen a small number of patients contract the disease twice, however that number is growing, and with this new study we are now unsure how long antibody protection lasts. Now as another bridge to the vaccine, shot treatments aiming to stimulate T cells to fight the virus are being developed.

According to the study, “People who tested positive but didn’t show symptoms of Covid-19 appeared to lose antibodies more often than those who suffered noticeable effects of the disease.”

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