Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Reduce Risk of Death in Covid-19 Patients According to Study

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According to a recent study, a common cholesterol drug can reduce the risk of COVID-19 deaths by 40%.  The data analyzed over ten thousand people admitted to over 140 hospitals across the US and found that statins, along with blood pressure treatment drugs, reduced in-hospital Covid-19 death by 40% among those people who took the drugs prior to being admitted to the hospital.

These findings apply primarily to those with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, because these people are more likely to be taking these medications. Even after researchers considered other medications being taken, the benefits remained. A working theory as of right now as to why the drugs are helping people is due to their anti-inflammatory effects – with inflammation being a main cause to some of the severe Covid-19 cases.

study lead author Dr. Lori Daniels, professor and director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the University of California, San Diego Health, said “Early during the pandemic, there were questions as to whether certain cardiovascular medications might worsen COVID-19 infections.  We found that not only are statins and anti-hypertensive medications safe — they may very well be protective in patients hospitalized for COVID, especially among those with a history of hypertension or cardiovascular disease.”

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