ABN Owner Dr. Boris Borodin’s thoughts on the ABN Bench Press Competition

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Recently ABN had a 225lbs bench press competition open for the public at The Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo.  In order to get a free ABN product from our booth at the expo, people had bench 225lbs at least 10 times! This is a fairly hard feat to achieve.  Not many people, even regular gym goers, can bench 225 even once. So I thought we were on the safe side and wouldn’t end up giving away too much free ABN products.

Big mistake!

During the expo some huge, impressive looking men, mostly from spectators of the strongman competition were coming to the booth, observing the bench with the barbell and 4 big plates and asking, “What can I get for 10 benches?” and when they were told any product on the table for free, they didn’t waste any time.  These guys went straight to the bench, benched 15-20 times no problem! Most of them grabbed some ABN protein and thanked us for free product and were on their way! I hope if they like it they won’t wait another 12 months for the third annual Baltimore Grand Prix to get it for free at the next bench press competition and will just buy some instead, but I was surprised by how much we ended up giving away at the expo.

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