ABN Athlete Dion Friedland Diet

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ABN Athlete, the 8 time world champ and 11 time Mr. Universe, 75 year old Dion Friedland shared with us his diet, which is one of his keys to such a long and successful career. Have a look!

Dion Friedland Diet

Meal 1) Isolate protein shake, 63 grams by weight (about 50 grams protein)
Meal 2) 35-50 grams oats, 150-200 grams egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 2 tablespoons low fat cottage cheese cooked with the eggs, 3 bags of green tea.
Meal 3) towards end of workout, 40 grams whey protein by weight (25+ grams protein)
Meal 4) 200 grams (before cooking) fillet steak , 150 grams sweet potato or potato when cooked, raw vegetables
Meal 5) 200 grams (before cooking) fish or chicken, small portion of raw vegetables
Meal 6) 200 grams (before cooking) salmon, sliced pickled cucumbers, one tablespoon low fat cottage cheese
Meal 7) sipped during the night, 64 grams casein protein mixed with 20 grams whey protein (by weight). I mix different flavors to vary the taste.

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