Endika Montiel Joins the ABN Team

Endika Montiel, a top Spanish amateur men’s physique competitor, has joined the ABN Team! Endika is a professional personal trainer who has trained many people leading to real results.  We are happy to have an elite dietitian and fitness expert representing Active Body Nutritions.

Here is what he had to say about the line of ABN products…

“In my opinion, the best ABN product by far is the Omega 3 caps.  Compared to any other Omega 3 available in the supplement market it is very good and a top quality product. I’ve been able to prove this, since in order to test the quality of the Omega 3 I take, I have a trick: I put the pill in the freezer for a few hours and I could see that it didn’t freeze after that.

The Whey Protein has really surprised me! I’m very sensitive when taking protein powders, since I have a very sensitive gut and I have to be very careful with it. I also want to highlight the taste and its easy solution. 

The Pre-workout is very good. Not only do I take it, but also, I’ve included it on the preparation of 3 professional triathletes and all of them advised me that their digestion of the product was good, which is crucial in this sport because they spend a lot of time running or cycling and they can feel that nutrient contribution. So I can honestly say that it’s a good product too.” – Endika Montiel

For more information about Endika check out his website here.

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