ABN Review


As a Professional Athlete and Bodybuilder, over the years I have taken many of the big name brand supplements. I’ve tried almost all and most have worked and some didn’t. From my experience from using these supplements they are all formulated differently and some have ingredients that I’ve never heard of. So that being said how do you know exactly what they do and what side effects they have. Then I came across this brand Active Body Nutritions and I wanted to see how this supplement line works. After 4 weeks of taking the Forskolin, Pre Workout, Gainer and Omega 3’s my body seem to take to this stack without any with problems. I lost 4% body fat and gained (believe it or not) 5 lbs. of Lean Muscle all in time for me to compete at the Arnold Classic in Men’s Bodybuilding. This product line is different and the leading supplement brands because they’re formulated to suit the average person for everyday living to the competitive athletes in any sport. My conclusion is that this supplement line is by far one of the best formulated products on the market today. Now I’ve made ABN my main supplement line because of the quality of the product and formulation. Once people see the results that I’ve gotten from taking this stack combo I’m sure that the average consumer, Pro and Amature competitive athletes will see how well this product line will be a Top Seller among the Big Boys of this Flooded Supplement industry.

– Larry Ray Jr. , Professional Bodybuilder

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